Melting Plant

Melting of the different types of spheroidal graphite iron is carried out in our foundry by means of electric ABP medium-frequency crucible furnaces (MFO 1, MFO 2, MFO 3 in Twinpower), each with a capacity of four tons. This installed capacity enables Jürgens foundry to achieve a high daily melting rate of around five tons of fluid iron and a 60-ton daily output of good spheroidal cast iron: more than enough material for your tailor-made castings.

Effective process controls

Charging of the medium-frequency furnaces is effected by means of self-propelled charging troughs. Bulk crude iron, body sheet chad and recycled materials marked according to type are used here. The melting process control and the high power density of the medium-frequency melting plant ensure both flexible operation and an extremely efficient utilisation of energy during melting.

Vorgang im Schmelzbetrieb

Enviroment-friendly production

And it is exactly this factor that makes our foundry a specialist in the field of spheroidal cast iron and that distinguishes our metal and iron casting work. These melting processes also bring us a step closer to another of our major goals, one that we strive to achieve in addition to the manufacture of top quality castings: an environmentally-friendly production – and that for every casting and in every melting process, whether spheroidal iron casting or metal casting in the form of JADI. To this end we have set up our own energy utilisation concept and environmental management system that has been certified in compliance with DIN EN ISO 14001 and that also facilitates efficient waste management: our environmentally-sound utilisation of waste heat from the melting machines plays a very significant role here. Of course, such concepts only ever work if all employees pull together: which is why every single person at Jürgens foundry is committed to the idea of environmental protection and sensitized with regard to the responsible handling of our resources.

Schmelzanlage bei Jürgens

Convincing quality

Environmental protection in not the only aim of our efficient casting production: cost savings are equally important. Our spheroid iron castings are manufactured from iron compounds. This keeps production costs at a competitively low level for you – and it does so without any compromise on the strength of your casting.

Together this enables us to supply you with individual castings made of spheroidal graphite iron and cast metal in the form of JADI; castings which are far superior to grey iron castings with their low quality material properties. But there is still one last work step to go: magnesium treatment of the base melt in order to generate the required cast iron quality (FAWI system). We use a wire injection process here, with a magnesium-based flux cored wire. Once this step is completed the casting machine can pour the melt into the ready and waiting mould boxes where they are then left in peace to harden to your casting.

Im Gießereibetrieb arbeitet Jürgens mit Sphäroguss