Inventions in Iron

Experts in iron casting

Things only run smoothly in our economy because high-quality castings keep the wheels turning – from the smallest gearwheel to large cast housings. These parts and many more made of cast metal, cast iron and the like are supplied by us - the specialist for processes in the field of casting iron.

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Aligned processes

But our range of expertise by no means stops with iron casting: special priority has been given to the casting of spheroidal graphic iron (GJS, (GGG) and JADI) in our foundry in Emsdetten, making us one of the most innovative foundries in Europe. We usually use iron that is enriched with nodular graphite for the casting of spheroidal graphic iron (plus a few closely guarded corporate secrets). The result: a casting with top mechanical properties. Comparable even with a steel casting when in the form of JADI, it is a special type of metal casting that is an ideal material for castings with a high load capacity – except that it is much cheaper than steel. It is just such solutions for which we at Jürgens are renowned – in a nutshell: "Inventions in Iron".

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All from a single source

We have specialised in the manufacture of small and medium-sized casting series. From the raw cast to the ready-to-install casting the workpiece passes through a series of perfectly coordinated work processes including heat treatment (hardening, annealing etc.), mechanical treatment or colouring such as priming or painting. Our CNC machining centres ensure the precision needed to realise all demands individually and accurately. In short, we refine, grind, drill, mill, coordinate and monitor the installation of all castings. Our enterprise comprises both a foundry and a machine construction company. So we are fully equipped to support you from the first casting right through to final installation of all castings. All from a single source.

Im Gießereibetrieb arbeitet Jürgens mit Sphäroguss
Grauguss bei Jürgens

We're upping our game

Extending our product range means that with us you can considerably increase your competitive advantage in the future. After successfully completing our first orders for individual customers, we‘re now officially introducing our range of grey cast iron products to secure you the pole position when it comes to product requirements.