Quality control

It has been a long road – but we now have the well-earned title of “qualified manufacturer” for precision castings. After all, we have done a lot to meet your justified demands on quality: this is verified by our DIN EN ISO 9001-certified quality management system and other certifications from leading certification bodies who check us and our castings continuously.

Monitoring of material quality

The consistent high quality of our castings requires equally continuous quality in the melting process. To ensure that this is the case, we carry out targeted testing measures such as analyses using an optical vacuum emission spectrometer, for example.

Kontrolle am Gussteil

Details of material quality monitoring

The treated melt is thoroughly analysed before it is actually poured. An optical vacuum emission spectrometer is used to analyse the exact composition of test samples, thus enabling us to respond quickly to any deviations from our setpoint values and to take corrective action.

Each batch is analysed again after pouring in order to fully document the material quality of the castings: an article number is cast onto each casting for this purpose.

In addition tensile and notched-bar impact tests and other materials tests can be carried out and verified by means of acceptance test certificates issued by approved plant experts in compliance with DIN EN 10204.

Our repeatedly certified system proves this – and the quality and precision of our castings speak for themselves.


Quality assurance and control of the casting

It goes without saying that we put our castings through stringent tests as well, with our 3-D scanning system Faro for example. These tests comprise sample controls within the scope of the initial sample run, in-process testing during casting after-treatment and final inspection and testing of the castings by quality control.

Fertigungsstücke in der Qualitätskontrolle

Details of quality assurance and control of the casting

As a matter of principle the finished casting is also put through thorough controls by qualified testers – these include quantitative ultrasonic tests, hardness testing (HB) and a visual inspection of the castings. We can also carry out magnet-powder and dye penetrant tests with the technical equipment in our control department and other accurate tests on the casting with our Wenzel 3-D coordinate measuring machine. On request we also carry out special tests such as x-ray and destructive tests.

All test results are recorded in the central computer-controlled production planning and control system and evaluated to achieve even an even higher quality. The best proof of this is our repeatedly certified system.