Core shop

High-quality precision castings always backed-up by good and consistently reliable machinery – and of course a preparation that is well-thought-out. These two steps come together in our core shop.

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Equipped for every demand

The highly-mechanised core shop at Jürgens foundry has not just one but several core shooters (C1 L2.5; C2 L5; C3 L12; C4 L30): these operate using a cold-box process with a shooting volume of 2.5 to 20 litres and core box heights of up to 620 mm. In addition to the core shooters, our foundry also has a manual core making station where large or special cores are made using the Resol CO2 procedure. This extends our range of services to include yet another important product line.

Precise production with modern techniques

The core sand mixtures for the cold-box process are prepared with a batch mixer and can be retrieved by the individual core shooters in a pre-defined, parts-specific mixing ratio. Thanks to this technology we are able to guarantee absolute precision in every work step during the production of our castings - and can also satisfy the customers of our foundry with top quality products. Products that are, by the way, of a far higher quality than standard grey iron castings because we work with spheroid graphite cast iron and cast metal – the reason why we deliberately exclude grey iron castings from our range.

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