After treatment of the casting

After the controlled run of the casting process and complete solidification of the material the final step on the road to the perfect spheroidal iron or metal casting can get underway - after-treatment of the casting. This is necessary if your casting is to leave our production in a condition that needs no further after-treatment - in other words in a "ready-to-use" condition.

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    Cleaning the pieces

    The first step in this process is to remove any build-up of deposits from each casting. Because some grains of the sand used for our casting moulds adhere to the surface of the casting during the casting process. To make sure that such build-up does not act like “a spanner in the works” during subsequent applications, your castings are sent into our steel cabins. Here the casting is blasted with steel balls - not even a miniscule grain of sand can withstand this blasting. Now properly cleaned the castings move on to the next process.

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    Here the remaining gating and feeder systems are cut or broken off of the casting. These residues from the casting are then fed back into the melting process again as recycled material. So not even the smallest piece of our valuable casting material is lost; what is left after casting goes the full cycle back to the start of casting.

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    Grinding, controling, improving

    In the very last step of the after-treatment your component is ground and deburred to give it a perfect finish. Every single casting now undergoes a quality control process. If requested this is followed up by other finishing processes for the spheroidal iron casting and metal castings made of JADI. These include drilling, milling, turning and other after-treatment processes until your casting is finished and ready for delivery. CNC machining centres ensure the precision needed to realise all demands individually and accurately. So in the end you receive exactly the right metal or spheroidal iron casting - one that will fit perfectly into your construction. We are one of the leading specialists for these two casting materials and have optimised the respective casting processes to a high degree of perfection: This in every respect impressive casting result is what led us to give up production of the lower quality grey cast iron years ago.

Technical equipment

CNC drilling and milling machines

Table sizes: up to 1.250 x 1.600 mm
Traverse paths: X = max. 2.000 mm, Y = max. 1.600 mm, Z = max. 1.250 mm

Coordinate measuring machine

Table size: 1.700 x 1.000 mm
Max. width: 1.500 mm
Measuring range: X = 800 mm, Y = 1.000 mm, Z = 700 mm


Max. heights: up to 300 mm
Max. widths: up to 1.000 mm

Horizontal machining centres

Table sizes: up to 1.000 x 1.000 mm
Traverse paths: X = max. 1.350 mm, Y = max. 1.250 mm, Z = max. 790 mm

Surface finishing: Chromating, ferric nitrocarbonizing, priming, painting, powder coating etc.
Processing: Grinding, broaching, drilling, component group assembly etc.

Mechanical processing

In addition to the actual manufacture of castings the Jürgens foundry has also specialised in the mechanical processing of cast-based components. Other finishing steps round off the wide range of services offered by our foundry for the manufacture of many different types of castings.

CNC-Drehmaschine im Einsatz

We reap the benefit here of our decades of experience in mechanical engineering and for the most part use our own manufacturing facilities. We have developed these continuously and geared them towards the mechanical processing of cast parts. So we achieve optimum results – whether with spheroidal cast iron or cast iron, materials which have completely replaced lower-quality grey cast iron in our foundry. The specialist expertise of the employees from our mechanical engineering generations is also a great benefit when it comes to the final assembly or our ready-to-install precision castings: these people are trained to their fingertips and never make a wrong move – from planning through to assembly.

We use various machining centres, CNC lathes and drilling and milling machines in our foundry. We also complement our own mechanical resources with the services of an extremely efficient group of expert suppliers, all specialised in many other adjacent fields. So our production is in an excellent position where technology and expertise is concerned.