About us

The Jürgens foundry manufactures high quality castings on state-of-the-art production facilities using different processes: spheroidal graphite cast iron, also known as ductile cast iron, is a particular focus of the foundry where metal casting is concerned. As one of the leading specialists for modern casting and highly sophisticated precision parts made of cast iron our foundry supplies the German and the European market with products that are cheaper and tougher than those made of grey cast iron.

Highest quality

All products are manufactured in the production facilities of our foundry in a complex and well coordinated casting process, which is developed and adapted individually in advance to meet the specifications of the final casting. We have specific operational sequences for metal casting and ductile iron casting processes which we adhere to strictly - from production of the raw casting right through to the ready-to-install cast iron component:

Hochwertige Gussteile mit Sphäroguss

The last step

First core sand is mixed for the core shooting machine in our highly-mechanised core shop. Next we compact the moulding sand in the moulding plant on our small or large moulding machines before the different material types for ductile cast iron are melted in the melting shop. The last step that takes place in our foundry for every ductile iron casting or metal casting process is the final treatment and quality control of each individual casting. This is an essential step for us and careful final checks are carried out in the cast finishing cycle.


Ready for delivery

Your cast iron component is not sent to our warehouse and made ready for delivery to you until it has undergone various tests. Only on conclusion of all these manufacturing steps can we be absolutely sure that we have met all your specifications for each casting to the full.

Mit Kugelgraphitguss werden anspruchsvolle Gussteile hergestellt